Monday, April 28, 2008

The symptom, cause and treatment of hiatal hernia

Most of the symptoms of hiatal hernia that are first notice by the patients are acid reflux and pain in the chest and upper parts of the stomach which is very similar to heartburn. When the stomach acid refluxes back into the esophagus system patients sometimes will experience heartburn and regurgitation. For some patients there will be no symptoms at the beginning stage until surgery is the main treatment to it.

The cause of hiatal hernia are due to the increased pressure within the abdomen and to due to heavy lifting frequent in bending up and down, Using the abdomen parts to push extra weight things. Heavy weight lifting person. Smokers and drugs user such as cocaine. Stress and anxiety persons.

Most of the beginning sufferers required no treatment if care is taken on in the first place. While some on mild medication but when the hiatal hernia is large it is likely to cause esophageal stricture and discomfort and if it is severe and chronic acid is involved, this is sometimes surgery is recommended.