Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hiatal hernia affects male and female equally and with all age

Hiatal Hernia is a herniation of our upper part of our stomach which is cause through a tear in our muscle between the chest and the abdomen. Most minor hiatal hernia do not cause any problem or symptoms at the beginning unless it was discovered by your doctor. For major or large hiatal hernia which allows food and acid to go back into your esophagus which lead to symptoms of hernia such as chest pain and heartburn. With medication and self care hiatal hernia can be relieve and cure unless it is very serious whereby surgical is needed.

Hiatal hernia affects male and female equally and with all age but the disorder occur most on elderly people. Hiatal hernia is very common to people who are frequently to physical exercises such as weight lifting and overweight people. People whose works towards heavy lifting or frequently bending down. Hard coughing and hard sneezing that increased the pressure within the abdomen that can leads to hiatal hernia. People who are heavy smokers or use drug such as cocaine are another risk to cause hiatal hernia.

Symptoms of people suffering from large hiatal hernia are heartburn, chest pain, nausea or belching and this sign can be worse when leaning forward or carry objects or bending down.